(This information is taken from the Veterans Employment Committee Handbook)
:: Mission of the Veterans Employment Committee ::
:: ACVEC Mission ::

  • Provide a "clearinghouse" for questions, complaints, and recommendations concerning effectiveness of
    employment services available to veterans and eligible persons at the local level.
  • Encourage employers from the public and private sectors to list job openings with local AJCC offices and
    participate in employment programs
  • Publicize the important advantages of hiring, training, and retraining qualified veterans and emphasize
    EDD's priority services to veterans.
  • Encourage organized veterans' groups and individuals to report all job openings to EDD field offices.
  • Form action committees to review local veterans employment issues and submit recommendation and
    comments on position papers to appropriate entities.
  • Assist individuals or organizations who may have questions, complaints, suggestions, or
    recommendations on the employment services being provided to veterans by EDD.
  • Prepare grant requests to veterans' organizations and public and private sector organization for funding
    and in-kind donations to use for transportation, tools, licenses, job interviews, job fairs, "Hire-A-Veteran
    Week" activities, etc., as appropriate
  • Confer regularly with field office managers and/or staff on policy matters.
  • Review departmental operating procedures as they apply to veterans and notify field office managers of
    infringements or violations.
  • Assist field offices in developing jobs by encouraging employers to use www.CalJobs.ca.gov.
  • Initiate and prepare resolutions which will promote legislative action to augment and support needed
    services to veterans.

It is the policy of the Employment Development Department (EDD) to encourage veterans' organizations and
others interested in the employment of veterans to serve and actively support and participate in local and
regional Veterans Employment Committees. These groups are excellent sources to contact for advice and

The two regional VECs in California are designated as Northern and Southern. It is important that the local
committees organize regionally to establish and maintain effective communication with EDD staff.

Regional officers elected from local VECs may be formed into regional Executive Committees. An EDD office
manager, VWS, or VESS may be appoint a secretary to help coordinate activities between EDD and the VEC,
and also assist in arranging periodic regional meetings.

  • Regularly attend and actively participate in meetings.
  • Become familiar with the EDD field office procedures and meet the manager and veterans program staff.
  • Keep own organizations updated and informed about employment-related activities.
  • Be alert to actual job opportunities for veterans.
organized labor, government agencies, neighbors, and friends.
  • Volunteer to serve on other employment-related committees, panels, and councils to ensure that
    veterans and veterans' issues are considered.
  • Act as a central point of contact between the VEC and EDD by conveying constructive comments or
    recommendations to EDD staff on improving service to veterans.

Veterans organizations are excellent sources of advice and support for EDD's veterans services program. Field
office managers, LVER, and DVOP specialists may wish to contact veterans' organizations, including County
Vetrans Service officers, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, American
Veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Gulf Wars, Fleet Reserve Association, United Veterans Councils,
and Veterans Advisory Councils to arrange for the organization of the VECs in areas where they can assist
EDD with its veterans employment program.

Local VEC participation should also be extended to representatives from Workforce Development Board
(WDB), Employer Advisory Councils (EAC), Community Based Organizations (CBO), local members of the
membership from those installations to coordinate job fairs and other employment opportunities.

Veterans' organizations will designate representatives to participate in all the local VECs. All
officers, with the
exception of the secretary, will be selected from non-EDD members. Staff from EDD may serve only as
secretary to the VEC.
Meeting times: 10:00 to 11:30am on the fourth Wednesday of every month
Address:  1105 Bancroft Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577